Friday, March 17, 2006

happy st. patrick's day! tonight's text messages
Frodo, 5:17 PM: Really bored, must find someone to enable.Me, 5:23 PM: We are watching AmIdol @ 730-meby drink then? aww hell, come on over now.
Tonight was tame. Pina coladas, Guinness, and vodka cranberries.
We had Guinness with lunch today, to celebrate St. Patrick's day. A lot of my other friends were going out out, but ... there's too much I want to get done tomorrow. Can't do that if I'm hungover or tired. So, I stayed in, obsessed over American Idol, and ordered sushi from a place down the street. Tuna rolls, yum.
It's getting to be crunch time here in law school land... our open appellate brief assignment is gaining momentum, must do research for that. At the same time, trying to outline and starting to review for finals in 6 weeks.
I really can't believe 1L is almost over.
I'm glad, but at the same time... I have this sinking feeling that everything is going to be so different next year, and not in a good way either. Oh well. I've been saying this a lot this semester: The Dude abides.


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